Christmas Treat 2: Words Tied Behind Your Back

This week—mainly because I’m automating all this while relaxing in Florida—I thought it would be interesting to do something a bit different. Namely, I am going to provide some writing exercise ideas to get you started on the road to better writing. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Only voices: Write a story told entirely through dialog. You can use no description or exposition at all. Everything has to be contained within the words of two or three main characters. You can even use a script format if you prefer. Alternately, if you prefer a non-fiction approach, you can certainly do the same thing. Tell a news event or marketing pitch through dialog only.

The reason: Essentially, good dialog can be tough, and telling a story only through dialog is tougher still. Consider this a bit of a learning-by-pain type experiment. However, it actually can be interesting learning how to show events or actions through the characters’ words alone.


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