Weekend Website: Authonomy

beta_logo_03 Each weekend, I will feature a useful site dedicated to some aspect of writing or editing. For this week, I thought I’d share a website I recently came across from HarperCollins called Authonomy. The concept is interesting for those looking to have their manuscripts read. Basically, you upload your full manuscript, other users and reviewers read it, and those voted the best are reviewed by the editors at HarperCollins. There’s no guarantee that they’ll publish anything, but it is another way to get noticed.

As for the downside, I don’t like the idea of having my entire manuscript on the web, and the chances of being noticed don’t seem too much greater than through an agent. I also think there’s the chance of the site being heavily tilted toward authors who already have a following rather than necessarily those with the most talent. However, it is a good place to see what others think of your manuscript, and the feedback could be invaluable. I haven’t uploaded anything yet, but it is something I’ll consider.

Site: http://authonomy.com/


One thought on “Weekend Website: Authonomy

  1. Ya’ know…I may have to agree with you on the “heavily tilted toward authors who already have a following.” The number one book, to my knowledge, has an author who is a “nobody”. I would have to assume that it is his topic driving the popularity his novel is enjoying. I say this only after skimming over many of the chapters. His writing, IMHO, is…how best can I say this… sub par at best. That being said, I’ve bookmarked the site and will, without a doubt, visit often. I think it’s a wonderful site for interaction, inspiration and quite possibly a plethora of good storytelling. Great pick! Jus’ so ya’ know…I really love this new addition to your blog! 😉 Keep ’em comin’!;)

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