Weekend Website: Evernote

logoThis is a new discovery for me, and one that I’m still testing. But Evernote is a site that allows you to keep virtual “clippings” of interesting things that you find on the web, in documents, or even in audio. You can also upload snapshots from your phone to store for later—or mark off a to-do list. Essentially, the site is a great way to keep and organize your thoughts from wherever you are. For a writer and editor, the tool makes it easy to store research, notes, or whims.

As I said, I haven’t completely tested the site, but I like what I’ve seen so far. A standard account is free and should be sufficient for most people. If you need more, they offer a premium account with more storage, more file support, and better security (more details here). They offer a web version, as well as one you can download for your Mac, PC, or phone.

Website: Evernote


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