Weekend Website: Eyercize

Last year, I took a speed reading course designed to teach editors how to read—and comprehend—at an incredible rate. Sure enough, I did increase the speed with which I can parse the “big picture” aspects of writing, and my research goes much more quickly. However, speeding through something is not good for detail.

Nevertheless, I found a website, called Eyercize, that seems to follow many of the same methods that I was taught. The difference is that this site is free (though accepting donations).

If you want to speed your reading, keep in mind that you will—essentially—have to relearn how you comprehend what you see. Many of us read by “hearing” a voice in our heads, but this actually slows us down. That is, our brains can comprehend what we see faster than our “voice inside” can read.

It sounds a bit strange, but it works. Just be prepared to work at it.

Website: Eyercize


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