Weekend Website: Zoho

zoho-writer-logo1I’ve been a fan of Google Docs for a few years (as I’ve mentioned before), and there haven’t been many services that have made me consider switching. However, I am intrigued by a suite of online tools that I recently came across called Zoho.

In the interest of full disclosure, I had seen the site before a while back, but that was before they started targeting Google. Since then, the site has acquired an interesting array of apps. They’ve got what you’d expect: email, word processing, spreadsheets, notes, and document management. But they’ve also got much more: wiki, file sharing, invoice making, database management, web collaboration, etc.

Better than what they have, though, is how it works. In fact, their word processor (Zoho Writer) puts Google Docs to shame (think: the best of Word on the web), and their document management makes far more sense. Give it a shot (ironically, you can sign in using your Google account).

Website: Zoho


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