Weekend Website: I Need to Read This

The Internet suffers from one major flaw: there’s far too much information to process. One way you can deal with this is by using an RSS feed reader to sort through information from blogs and websites useful to you. That’s my first line of defense.

On occasion, though, all I want is a running list of articles that I don’t have time to read when I first see them. This happens quite a bit when links start flying on Twitter. And there’s actually an easy way to handle this without crowding up your bookmark menu.

I Need to Read This is simple and does just what its name suggests. Sign up for free, and slap two bookmarklets in your bookmark bar (“I Need to Read This” and “Read Article”). When you find an article you want to come back to, click the first bookmarklet to save. Then, when you have some time, click the read bookmarklet to see the oldest article in your queue. You might even surprise yourself all over again.

Website: I Need to Read This


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