Weekend Website: The Book Seer

The Book Seer is a site that does one thing, and that’s okay. When you load the page, you’re given a simple form that asks you to name the last book you read and the author. Type those in, press enter, and you’re given a list of recommendations about which book to read next from Amazon, BookArmy, and LibraryThing.


After that, you can click on one to purchase the title (goes to the Amazon UK site oddly), share your recommendations, or head to the library. When I tested the site, I found the results to be a bit limited in scope—mainly sticking with the same author. But, in all fairness, the genres I chose are rather narrow.

Website: The Book Seer


One thought on “Weekend Website: The Book Seer

  1. Had a good laugh…typed in the title of the book I just wrote, and my name…it had no suggestions for me. I guess they haven’t read that one yet! LOL

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