Weekend Website: BookGlutton

logoHave you ever had a problem finding a book reading group in your community? Or perhaps there is one, but the book selections aren’t to your liking. You knew the Internet would provide a solution—which just may be BookGlutton.

The site is a mix of social media, old-fashioned book club, and book notation in one. Once you create an account, you can start reading from a wide selection of books (from classics to samples of contemporary novels). That’s not so unique in itself, but the fun is in using the tabs on the sides of the book to chat with others who are reading the same book and in adding notes about craft, characters, or things that interest you.

Beyond this, you can also start your own online reading group for live or not-so-live interaction. There’s even a “Surprise me” button that presents a random book for you to read.

Website: BookGlutton


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