Weekend Website: WebNotes

webnotesIf you’re of the belief that Websites are even better when you can highlight the content and make notes, then you should give WebNotes a try. Perhaps this is just a throwback to marking up books, but the beauty of making notes on the source material instead of simply copying and pasting is that your notes stay within the context of the article or paper—without having to print them out.

Once you sign up for the free account, you get a simple toolbar at the top of your browsing window. Navigate to any Web document or page—and then start making notes, highlighting, and slapping on sticky notes. Pretty soon any page can look like a messy desk. (There’s a demo on the main page that gives you a good idea how this works.)

Beyond those basic features, WebNotes also helps you with organizing your research to parse through later, generating reports (though I haven’t tried that feature yet), and sharing your confetti-covered, yellow-smeared creations with others.

You can also upgrade to the pro account, which gives you access to multi-colored highlighting (no joke), tech support, and PDF annotation. For most people, the basic account should be sufficient.

Website: WebNotes


2 thoughts on “Weekend Website: WebNotes

    • It’s always good to hear that these sites are as useful to others as they are to me. Thank you for taking the time to let me know.

      Oh, and I like your idea of reading 100 books to fill in the gaps. That’s one area I could use a boost, and seeing the list on your blog has given me some ideas.

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