Weekend Website: Wordnik

This may not come as a surprise, but I love words. I love the origins, the uses, the meanings, and how they sound. Tell me the history of a word, and you’ve got my attention.

So, it’s also no surprise that I enjoy sites that reveal interesting aspects of word usage—especially if there are charts. Words and charts, what could be better?

But you don’t have to be fascinated with words to get some mileage out of Wordnik, a useful site that’s part dictionary and part Internet aggregator. Type in a word (or choose one from the front page), and you’ll be presented with social media usage, multiple dictionary definitions, synonyms, statistics, Scrabble value (no joke), pronunciations, images, and whatever else they can cram in the page. The best part to me, however, is the speed.


Website: Wordnik


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