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More Novel by the Week (MNbtW) is a great source for weekly tips on making your writing more effective. Hitting on fiction, poetry, journalism, editing, and more, MNbtW takes the guesswork out of constructing efficient and poignant English. If you haven’t written before or if you’ve written for years, MNbtW reveals the best ways that imperfect writers can construct more perfect literature. John M. UpChurch is your guide to improving one week at a time.

New episodes are posted most Wednesdays with other useful tips throughout the week.

John M. UpChurch:

John M. UpChurch has been a writer and editor for nearly ten years. He has penned (literally) numerous poems, short stories, news stories, science articles, and a forthcoming novel tentatively entitled The Connection. In addition, he has edited and proofed content for websites, journals, independent publications, and magazines. He currently has a degree in creative writing from the University of Tennessee with post-graduate work in English education and English literature.

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